You’ve Always Been Enough

Dear person who is trying to do it ALL,

I know you. I was just going through my schedule for the next several days and noticing the discomfort I still feel when I might not get everything done. When will I have time to grocery shop? How will I pick up the wine for my friend’s party? What about writing a newsletter?

When I find myself in those moments of scheduling myself down to the minute, I immediately know that the old story of “you have to be perfect” is at play…and I know what that means. In the immortal words of BrenĂ© Brown, “I’m hustling for my worthiness.” Somewhere in my head the old program plays and it tells me that I have to do “all the things” and be “perfect” to be worthy of love.

Right now I’m writing this from a place of gratitude. I’m grateful that I know that story is just that – a story. It’s not fact. I can ask my husband to pick up the wine, the groceries can wait and the newsletter will happen a different day…and it’s all OK. I’m OK. I’m enough.

Here’s what I want you to know:
If you’re currently trying to juggle everything and feel completely overwhelmed
If you’re feeling like you have to do everything because no one else will do it right
If you’re exhausted and being pulled in a zillion directions

…it’s OK to stop.
It’s OK to ask for help.
It’s OK to let things go undone.

Here’s my promise to you:
You’ll still be loved if things don’t get finished. You’re still worthy even if you take a break. You’re already enough and the only person who needs to believe that is you.

From one imperfect human to another – you are enough. You always have been. I promise.

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