You’re not selfish

We’re fully in the holiday season, and U.S. Thanksgiving is coming on Thursday. For some, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. For others, it’s the start of stress, over-committing and over-spending. This post goes out to the others.

Last week, I spent 3 days teaching workshops on confidence and balance to some amazing professionals at a conference in Philadelphia. One of the things I share in the balance workshop is that even though I live a much more balanced life overall, the obligatory things in my life didn’t go away. I didn’t find a way to eliminate laundry, bills and groceries, and I certainly didn’t find a 25th hour in the day.

I also tell them about choice. Choice is a powerful tool that we often forget. I forgot it for most of my adult life. As we spend our days running around like little whirling dervishes (busy, busy, busy!), we completely forget that we have a choice in the matter. We can choose to do what’s best for us.

Making this choice is difficult at first. Some people may be disappointed or confused. After all, every relationship is like a dance, and when you start to make different choices, you’re changing your dance steps. Some toes may get stepped on. Rest assured, your dance partners will catch on to your new steps.

But what do you do if the biggest obstacle isn’t what others think, but what you think? Are you hearing a little voice saying that you’re being selfish? That it’s not OK for you to put yourself first or do what’s best for you? I know that voice, too, and want you to hear this loud and clear: you’re not selfish for doing what’s best for you…even during the holidays. <—CLICK to Tweet

This week, as your schedule starts to get tighter, and your shopping list grows longer, take a moment and figure out what you need. Is it a night of NetFlix? A morning to sleep in? An extra day at the gym? Whatever it is, remember choice. It’s probably going to feel uncomfortable, as all new things do, but you’re 100% allowed to choose you. Even during the holidays. Scratch that. Especially during the holidays! Just imagine how much better you’ll feel during all of the extra (and obligatory) events if you choose to do what’s best for you, even just once.


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