You’re Gonna Win

Post by Daniel Collinsworth.

Photo by Lori Paquette

You’re Gonna Win

I invite you to take a deep, slow breath. Just one, if you like. And let your mind settle into this moment… this very special Now. This special time of Being.

Here, I ask you: What does your magnificence feel like?

That city of jewels, shining deep inside your belly? Perhaps at times, just a shy white flame, burning in the darkness? That restless dream, pushing against the walls of your heart and your mind, aching to be brought forth…?

What does it feel like?

And taking it a step further… what would it feel like out here, in the manifest world? What would it feel like to realize your magnificence this year?

This is a very special time. There’s magic on the horizon — you feel it, don’t you? Something special is resonating deep inside you. Something beautiful. Calling you out into a tender, open space.

You’ve heard this calling before. Maybe it’s been calling your name for years.

Your Magnificence.

And this time, you’re gonna put yourself out into that vulnerable, thrilling, brilliant open space. You’re gonna do it. You’re gonna hesitate and question yourself. You’re gonna push through and keep going.

You’re gonna keep going as the shore disappears and only the wide, open ocean fills your view.

You’re gonna keep going as the darkness comes and gives way to the light of your brilliance.

You’re gonna keep going, because this is it. This is everything. This life, this love, this message, this mark. You know what it feels like to have a dream. And maybe you’re afraid of putting yourself out there and losing.

But I encourage you to push through that fear. Set your face to the wind and unfurl the sails of your dream. Watch the safe harbor of your comfort zones disappear as you navigate the Great Unknown of your potential and your purpose.

Your Magnificent Expression.

You’ll hear the thundering voice of doubt, yes. Telling you to turn back before it’s too late. And perhaps you do have much to lose. But keep going.

Because you’re gonna win.

Daniel Collinsworth is a teacher and cloud watcher. He has a blog called Metta Drum where he shares insights on compassion, oneness, healing and freedom. You can connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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