Your Intuition: A Powerful Ally

Your most powerful ally for making the decisions that arise in your life isn’t your rational, conscious mind. Sure it can be helpful to make that list of pros and cons, but often there are two (or more) choices that would make logical sense and there’s no way of predicting how things will turn out. Your best ally is not another person. It’s valuable to get another perspective on your situation, yet even the most trusted advisor can’t see exactly what would be best for you and your life.

The most valuable contribution to decision-making is your own inner wisdom, your intuition. It’s the place where your conscious mind connects with your soul, the inner source that brought you forth into this physical reality and is always in contact with the divine whole. You might experience your intuition as a calm voice, a sensation in your body or just a feeling of knowing which choice is the optimal one for you right now.

Maybe you’re not sure if you remember how to feel that deep inner guidance. Don’t worry, it’s there. We all have it. With some practice you can rekindle your connection with your intuition.

It can be challenging to make decisions, whether big life-changing ones or smaller everyday ones, when you’re uncertain what your inner guidance actually feels like. It’s hard to hear that little voice or feel those guiding impulses with all of the distractions you have surrounding you much of the time. 

Begin by building some quiet time into your life – turn off the radio when you’re driving somewhere and make sure it’s quiet when you climb into bed at night. Start your day with silence rather than turning immediately to the news or social media. Meditating for even five or ten minutes a day will help you learn to turn down the other chattery voices in your head so you can hear your intuition more clearly.

Ask yourself a question and then breathe deeply and listen for an answer that feels good. You can do this when you meditate or by writing it out in your journal. When you receive guidance from your intuition it will feel positive and clear like a breath of fresh air. You’ll feel relief and perhaps wonder why you hadn’t thought of that before. It might feel like a confirmation of what you were secretly hoping for in your heart.

Here’s a game that will help you practice listening to your intuitive guidance. Make sure you have some time to yourself to play – half an hour is ideal. 

Set out for a walk or a drive. When you come to an intersection, fork or other decision point, pause and listen within. See if you hear a quiet voice in your mind or feel an impulse in your body to turn one way or another. Don’t try too hard. It’s just a game.

You are now in the process of tuning your conscious mind to the frequency of your intuition. If you can’t discern what choice your intuition wants you to make, choose at random and try again at the next decision point.

Once you’ve felt some kind of “hit” and followed your inner guidance, pay close attention to why this might have been the preferred route. Maybe there’s a lovely garden to gaze at, or you find a pretty feather in your path, or the traffic flows more smoothly.

Keep playing until you get the feel for the way your intuition speaks to you most clearly. There’s often some kind of sensation in your body that will accompany a thought. It might feel hard at first to know whether you are really hearing from your intuition or if your mind is just making something up. Don’t worry about it. There’s no need to overthink the process.

Even after your drive or walk is done you can continue playing this game of making the small choices in your life with the help of your inner wisdom. Apply the technique to various choices you’re facing:  what color clothes to wear, what to make for dinner, which project to work on next. Keep it light and fun.

You’re flexing the muscle of your intuition which you may have let atrophy over time. With regular practice you’ll develop a stronger connection with your intuitive inner senses. Then when you have a more complicated or far-reaching decision to make in your life, you’ll already be familiar with the messages that come from your inner wisdom. You’ll pause to listen inward, run each of your potential choices through the process and the best choice for you will become crystal-clear.

The clarity that you gain from being connected with your intuition will be well worth all the practice you’ve done to get to that point. Your intuition is a powerful ally that is always there for you. It will become easier and easier to discern the best course of action and to follow it joyfully.

Nikki Starcat Shields is an author, writing coach and leader of transformational writing retreats. She's also a licensed Pagan priestess. She invites you to a process of unfolding creativity. The world needs your unique wisdom - now is the time to finally take your inspired book idea and bring it forth into the world. Learn more at

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