Your corner of the forest

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

You have to go to them sometimes. Probably one of the most difficult things for most humans (myself included!) to do – ask for help. I know I’ve been guilty of staying in my corner of the forest waiting for others to come to me.

Is this refrain familiar to anyone else?

  • No one wants to hear my stories
  • I don’t want to bother anyone
  • I’m strong

That last one is a kicker – strong. I was just working with a client about that word and redefining it to better serve who she is today. Essentially, when this beautiful soul got to the heart of what strength meant to her, it was authenticity. Not withholding feelings, “going it alone” or any of those typical things we associate with strength. Authenticity.

That session really has me thinking. I LOVE this definition of strength and fully believe in living authentically. To me, that means going to other people sometimes. Getting out of my corner of the forest (which totally shows up as being in my head!), and working with this new definition of strength.

When I look at going to people through the lens of authenticity, it just clicks. There’s strength in asking for support, and it’s the kind of strength that comes from being authentic. From accepting yourself as is, in the moment, and trusting yourself enough to get your needs met.

I invite you to join me in redefining the word strength. Tell me what it means to you in the comments below, or Tweet me or write to Dear KOM. Let’s all stop waiting for others to come to us, and be strong enough to leave our corner of the forest.

?, Lara


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