You Get to Choose

Guest post by Daniel Collinsworth.

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You Get to Choose

Today, I invite you to ask yourself this question: What do I want my life to feel like?

Sit with that for awhile. Let it course through your being. What imagery fills your mind? What sensations, what colors?

This is your creation, and yours alone. How, then, can it be fulfilled by anyone but You? This is the beauty and the freedom of this life — while you can’t always control the events that are playing out, you still get to choose how the story of those events is written. You get to choose the words, the narrative, the imagery.

Because at the heart of even your most challenging moments, something beautiful exists: the limitless potential to create, to grow, to be free.

You see, you are more than the boat navigating stormy waters. You are also the ocean and the storm. You get to create from that space — that power is yours. You get to choose whether you will work with that power, or give it away to the events unfolding around you.

So, why let unconscious colors be splashed haphazardly across the canvas of your experience? A masterpiece of expansive growth is yours to choose and to consciously cultivate.

The power is yours.

You don’t have to wait for freedom to find you — it is inherently yours. It is embodied in your very nature. And when you’re ready, you only have to let go of the old skin of victimhood and walk in your true power as a Creator.

This freedom, this responsibility, this joy and this journey are yours to enjoy.

It may not always come easily, but that doesn’t mean it always has to be difficult, either. It is a work in progress. There will be times when your insight is clear, and the lesson comes easily. There will also be times when your emotions and storylines create a distorted picture of your experience, and your actions aren’t coming from a place of inner power — this is OK.

This life isn’t a test that you are either passing or failing in any given moment — this life is a journey. Sometimes you walk briskly, and sometimes you walk slowly. Sometimes you stop and enjoy the view. Sometimes you trip over a tree root.

You get to choose whether you laugh at yourself and keep walking, or complain about the tree root conspiring against you. You get to choose whether walking slowly puts you behind, or gives you time to breathe in the wisdom and the beauty of your walk.

This is the power you have to create your experience of life.

So let yourself know the joy that unfolds in that. This creative power cannot be taken from you, although the responsibility to bring it forth lies with you, and you alone. You get to choose what you want your life to feel like, and then you get to work on creating that. This is essential. This is yours.

May your journey be beautiful today.

Daniel Collinsworth is a teacher and cloud watcher. He has a blog called Metta Drum where he shares insights on compassion, oneness, healing and freedom. You can connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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