You Don’t Need a New Year for a New Resolution

Post by Claire McCarthy for the Kind Kindred series.

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I sit to write this piece on January 7th, just a few short days from New Year’s Eve shenanigans and resolutions; people full of big plans, big changes and ultimately, big disappointments. Sadly, I’ve already seen the number of gym attendees declining and the rampant frustration of friends and colleagues fills my social feeds daily.So what went wrong? These are bright, educated, determined folks with good intentions. Why is it so hard to stick with a new plan? Because my dears, we’re creatures of habit, change is hard and we’re just wired to embrace the path of least resistance, it’s how the human race has survived. Resolutions rarely work. They just don’t. The end.

If your resolution was to get up at 5am every morning for whatever reason… to get a jump on work or workout, tackle laundry before the kids are up or read on the back porch but you’ve never been an early riser and 7am is more your speed then why would you magically be able to pounce out of bed overnight, ready to take on the world simply because of a new date on the calendar? Anyone else think that’s a tad absurd?

Oftentimes, our best intentions just set us up for failure. Then you get down on yourself, feel like a big ol’ loser with no will power and throw in the towel. Maybe you think… Well that didn’t last long, I’ll try again next year, next month, next week. Or give up completely.

It takes a little more than a new year and a new outlook to make big changes. It takes planning, praying, and plotting. More importantly, it takes a can do, never give up, I will make this happen no matter what, still keep on keeping on even when I fail miserably attitude and that my friends is not a one time deal at midnight.

But, here’s the best part… You don’t need a new year, or a new month, or a Monday for that matter. You can start anytime. The key is to just START! And over and over and over again.

If it’s Tuesday and you’ve decided you’re once and for all going to get a handle on your sugar intake, don’t wait until the following Monday! By then, you will have talked yourself out of this new adventure, come up with a million reasons that it won’t work, and probably can it completely. The deep feeling of conviction is gone, fear has kicked in and the negative self-talk fills may fill your head.

Maybe you’ve realizing that you’re in the wrong career, wrong relationship or wrong zip code. It doesn’t take a new year to make immediate change. Just a whole lotta oomph, gumption, hutzpah and moxie and that my loves, I know you have. Yes, YOU! It may be buried under mounds of heartbreaking inner dialogue, negative life experiences, a single comment from a 6th grade boyfriend or the voice of your Mom… But it’s still there and now is the time to find it again! There are no time limits on course corrections; you can rewrite your story any time, any day.

“If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.” – Jim Rohn.

I love this quote and the funny thing is… it doesn’t say anything about perfect timing.

Claire xo

p.s. – I gave up “resolutions” years ago. I found that I would make a list and within a few days, completely bomb my new intentions. Get down on myself and completely give up all while feeling like a huge loser. Sure didn’t seem like a good process for making change and getting things done. Instead, now I determine a word or phrase based on what I want to accomplish (or how I want to accomplish it) personally and professionally. I sit in it and marinate it and let it guide much of my decisions based on how I want to feel.

This year, my word is: Badass = Edgy | Unapologetic | Bold. In just a short week, it has helped me with a client proposal, what to wear and a new haircut as well as a new business project.

I’m a Certified Grief and Loss Coach and a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, specializing in helping folks rebuild after major life events. I’m the Founder of The Limoncello Society, an online community for encouraging, inspiring and uplifting women who find themselves starting over due to a death, divorce or significant breakup. 

A rare Arizona native, I make my home in gorgeous North Scottsdale, Arizona with my rockstar son. Doing my darndest to raise a young man of integrity while navigating life after death and divorce.            
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