You can shake the world

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

Have you ever been in a room with someone whose energy you can feel? Good or bad, there’s something tangible about it. You feel it, and if it’s the good kind, you’re drawn to it.

That person is shaking the world. Their energy is impacting others.

Now think about your own energy. Compare the energy of a Monday morning to that of a Saturday evening. What things feel different? What might you be putting into the world at each of those times?

We live in a world where it can often feel impossible to make any impact. Big, bad things happen, it seems, almost every day. It’s easy to get caught up and feel powerless.

You are not powerless. Just as we’ve all been in a room with someone whose energy makes an impact, your energy makes an impact. 

How you show up is how you gently shake the world.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.


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