You are Whole

Post by Jo Anna Rothman.

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You are Whole

I’m gonna be blunt: You cannot change/heal/serve/rock the world in the way you want if you believe you are broken. Wounded. In need of some serious fixing.

Why? Because you are not broken. Standing on that foundation is a lie. It is a place of weakness. It cannot give you the momentum you need. It cannot light your incredible brilliance on fire so the whole wild world can see. It’s not the truth and it does not serve you living magnificently on purpose.

Why? Because we work from our experiences. What is going on inside of us, shapes what we do on the outside. Often, when folks come from a place of brokeness, they are using their work in the world to heal themselves. But what happens is a wild reinforcement of their own brokeness. They try and fix what they believe is a problem. They use their powers to help fix someone or something else. But because they are coming at it from a place of fixing (and there is nothing to be fixed) not much really changes. Thus people start to think they are even more broken then they were before.

Why? Because when you believe you are broken and set about trying to change someone else…you start from the belief that they are broken and wounded. You set out to fix. Then those folks start to see themselves as broken. Others don’t experience you as the powerful alchemical creative wonder that you are. They see you as fixing what is broken…inside of yourself self and inside of others. You spread the myth of brokeness.

Why? Because somewhere along the line, you started to believe it about yourself. Sometime when someone hurt you and you believed it was your fault. Sometime when things went in a direction that was unexpected and possibly painful, you thought it was a refection on who you were. Anytime when you felt out place, unloved, judged…you made an assumption about who you are at your core. An assumption that made sense at the time. And then the voices started. The separated out pieces of your self that were hurt. They talk to you. Cry in pain. You started to think, if only you could fix them. If only, then all would be right. You would be worthy. You would be ok. And everyone else would be too. You take the learnings and because you are a being of love, you want to share. You want others to be ok, even if you aren’t yourself.

No more “why”, just the truth. Healing is not fixing. It’s not even coming back into wholeness. Healing is the journey to recognizing what is real. You are divine. You, by your very nature, are on purpose. You are eternally whole. Yes, things may hurt. Yes, you may have lessons to learn. But none of that equals broken. None of that means there is anything wrong with you.

The call you hear, the call to share your love, art, wisdom, light with the world…it is the call to uplift. To open the hearts and minds to the absolute knowing others are whole as well. We are not walking wounds. We, as human beings, are a constant creation of wonder. And when you show up living the truth that you are whole, everything changes. You stand up inside of yourself, empowered. Awesome. You invite people back into themselves, so that they can stand in the authentic knowledge they hold inside. In that you change/heal/serve/rock the world.

Jo Anna Rothman, MA is an intuitive coach and facilitator of The Receiving Project. She revels in assisting people in falling in love with their lives. She is committed to living a life full of pleasure, purpose and enthusiasm. And perhaps most important, she knows the secret to the perfect s’more.

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