You Are What the World Needs

You are what the world needs. Read that again, slowly, and let it sink in. You are what the world needs. Maybe even say it to yourself, “I am what the world needs.” Not the mask you wear or the role you play. We need your truest, realest self.

That probably feels pretty vulnerable to read; maybe even scary. After spending years showing people what you think they want to see, it’s not easy to take off the mask and be your truest self, so like everything we practice here, we start small.

Start by looking for some inspiration. Who in the world do you admire for showing up as their truest self? You can pick these folks out in a crowd. They have a grounded energy, and no matter what setting they’re in there’s a consistency in their words and actions. These people might still feel scared to speak their truth or tell their story or raise their hand with an idea, but they don’t let the fear stop them. These are the people who you feel you can instantly trust.

What’s the safest place in your life? Maybe it’s with a partner, a best friend or in the workplace. Think about the space where you feel most comfortable and able to take some risks.

Peel back 1 layer. Getting to your truest self is a gradual process. Maybe your safe space is in the workplace. Think about something you say or do that doesn’t feel like your truest self. Even if it’s as small as always agreeing to go to a salad place when you really want a burger. It doesn’t matter where you start. Simply choose 1 layer that you can peel back and begin getting a little closer to your truest self.

Repeat. Notice what shifts and changes as you peel back additional layers. When you get a little more comfortable take the same steps in other areas of your life.

Use the people you admire as a guidepost. You’re not trying to make yourself into them, you’re allowing them to inspire you to be yourself. The world needs originals; people who are making it safe for all of us to show up imperfectly. The world needs you.

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