You Are Not Alone : The Girl Effect

The world could use a good kick in the pants : Agree — Disagree

I would have to agree with that, it could use a good kick in the pants, a swift kick, even!

Lori Portka tweeted about the above video this morning, anything that has the description “Goosebumps” is going to catch my eye. So I watched the video and then checked out the website

I sat here stunned & wanting desperately to do something to help, and I immediately thought of each of you. We can help spread the word. We can print out posters and stickers and make tee shirts. We can add their button to our blog or site. We can help promote them. We can donate to them. We can help tell their story because it easily could’ve been our story.

Maybe it was our story.

We’re all in this together.

From their website:

Adolescent girls are capable of raising the standard of living in the developing world. Girls are the most likely agents of change, but they are often invisible to their societies and to our media.

When everyone- girls, parents, teachers, executives, artists, hairdressers, forest rangers, rock stars, presidents, investors, advertisers, skateboarders, truckers, cowboys, organizations, chefs, teenagers- knows about the Girl Effect, then real change can happen. This site is just the beginning. The end is nothing less than ending poverty.

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