You are more than your resume

You are your story, not your credentials. Your story is the one you’re living today as you trudge around the grocery store with the kids, and the one you will live next week when the phone brings a surprise. That’s the tale of you.

Everyone asks for your resume, your CV, your one-pager.

Does that ever feel like a cheap representation of what you are? Sure it does. Because we are far more than those structured, ordered pieces of information on a page. I’m always disappointed when someone asks for my formal bio or my one-pager. I know they won’t get a taste of me, a sense of the mosaic that is Patti.

We are our story. We are composed of the events, emotions and experiences of our days. We are not simply a list of credentials or a tally of hoops we jumped through for big corporations or established educational institutions.

Tell your tale every time you get the chance – on the elevator, at the coffee shop and in the change room at the gym, sure. But I believe the best way to see yourself with the eyes of self-kindness is by writing about yourself.

You need to put some ink on the page to see how truly extraordinary you are.

Until you open your mouth, literally or figuratively, you won’t realize that everyone doesn’t have your experience or connect with the world using the same feelings as you do. No one else has your story. Even if you have something in common with another person, it is for darn sure they did not deal with their life choices in the same way you did. Joy feels different, grief feels different and excellence is measured in a million different ways. They might share elements of your bio, like the school you went to or the certification that you attained, but you are the one who grew up in the family you did, in that town, with those challenges. You be you.

Describing yourself outside of the confines of a businessy, expected style is a real boost to self-kindness. It is true liberty of self-definition. It is instant learning.

Need to write the “About Me” page for your website or a blurb for a blog you wrote? Start with the unexpected, the rare or the wild. What about you would surprise everyone? What slice of your personality pie is only visible to the folks in your inner sanctum? I say put it out there.

Wear your weirdness! Post your potent personality!

Say you have always wanted to see your name on the spine of a book, or that you have a life-long fascination with geology. Right after you declare that you are the person behind your online brand, write that you have you been playing solitaire daily since you were 12 or that you keep a copy of Eat, Pray, Love beside your bed because that is THE book you want to write.

Me? I admit to being a collector of handmade leather journals that I will never use and I have a houseful of golden retrievers. What slice of you can you throw into your “About Me” that will give the reader a sense of you?

Try it…write a paragraph about you where every sentence reveals a surprise you would never put on your resume. It is the kindest thing you can do for yourself when you start feeling common, or Heaven forbid, normal.

Write yourself, not your credentials. You be you, in the “About Me” section and everywhere else.

  Patti M Hall is a writer, memoir coach and ghostwriter whose memoir writing inspiration brand lives at  Online Patti creates inspirational content for aspiring memoirists, wannabe writers and folks who love putting pen to paper.  Patti's real home is in Canada where she lives with her two giant sons and house full of golden retrievers.

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