You are more than your mistakes

If I asked you to tell me the last 5 awesome things you did, could you do it? Does it make you uncomfortable to think about the great things you’ve done?

What if I asked about your last 5 mistakes? I bet you could easily rattle off at least that many. We walk around keeping a running tally of our mistakes, missteps and flaws. If that’s not enough, turn on your TV or scroll through social media and you’ll be bombarded with ads to fix the things you didn’t even know are wrong with you. Hair too thin or too thick? There’s a product for that. Feeling like you’re too thin or too fat? There’s a product for that, too.

Of course you can’t easily talk about what makes you awesome! You’re constantly surrounded by messages reinforcing the idea that something is wrong with you…and you’ve got that running tally of your mistakes to back them up.

All of these things take their toll. The running tally we keep, the zillions of products designed to fix our every flaw…they become a heavy load to carry and we start to feel that our mistakes are our identity. They become who we are, not things that have happened. So, we buy the product that’s designed to solve our problem and we feel lighter for a while, but inevitably the load becomes heavy again. This becomes the roller coaster of our life, and we never get off of it long enough to realize how much more there is.

There’s so much more to you than your mistakes. <—CLICK to Tweet

Your mistakes are not your identity. <—CLICK to Tweet

You’re a beautiful, wondrous, flawed, exquisite creature just like me. <—CLICK to Tweet

Put down that load for a few minutes and think about some successes you’ve had. Remind yourself of the things that make you awesome. I’d love to read the things on your list. Drop them in the comments below or email them to me. Email them to yourself, too, so that on those days when the load is feeling especially heavy and you’re confusing your mistakes with your identity, read that list to yourself and remember that there’s so much more to you than your mistakes.

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