you are Me & I am You

Poetry by Julia Fehrenbacher of Painted Path.

print by Julia Fehrenbacher on etsy

There is nothing you need to do, you know

no amount of hiding or seeking
or telling or trying will erase
the ache, the weight
the trembling, strangling
middle of the moment
that threatens to feast
on your core

You need only
to the part
that breathes
and beats and hears
and Sees
all on its very own

to the part that hums
and sways and dreams

of Peace

Come, it says
lean the weight of you
against me
sit and stay

until you remember

that you are tangled
and woven
in stardust
in roots and rivers
in suns and moons
in every breath
that has ever breathed

until you remember

that you are Me
and I am You
that together we


During the small windows of time when her two little girls are occupied elsewhere, Julia paints and writes and contemplates the deep questions of life. More than anything she wants to sprinkle some good around in this world and is always looking for ways to do more of that. If you’d like to join her on this path of shedding & opening and living from a place of truth and authenticity, please visit her at, she’d so love to have you there.

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