Yes, that’s right

Yes, that’s right.
I don’t need to be quiet.
I never needed to be quiet.

I am allowed to take a vacation from motherhood.
I am allowed to work.
I am allowed to raise my voice
Have a voice
I am allowed to feel fired up
And excited
About things to come.

I am allowed to call my shot
And then miss it.
I am allowed to state big things that I believe.

To disagree does not mean the end
Of my image as a perfectly
Compliant young woman
Or woman
I am not that young anymore.
And what sort of image am I trying to project?

Yes, that’s right.
Some people won’t like me anymore
But I don’t need to be quiet
Not for them
Because they aren’t the ones whose insides churn with anger
When they stay silent.

Angela Theresa is a mother, writer and coffee drinker. Her first book of poems "We Are The Mothers" is now available on Amazon.
You can find her on her Substack.

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