Working from our hearts asks a LOT of us

Working from our heart – heart work – isn’t simply work that makes our heart sing. It’s what does the heavy lifting in conscious businesses. We heart workers put our hearts out there into the world doing our best to do meaningful work every day.

Working from our hearts asks a LOT of us.

When our work is heart work we’re emotionally, intellectually and spiritually engaged. We’re fed by the work we’re doing, invigorated and enlivened by the change we’re making, passionately doing the work we love, being who we’re meant to be and doing what we’re meant to do.

Wonderful, right? That’s desire fulfilled. Would you believe it’s also a source of stress?

We can end up stressed from both “happy, excited, yay!” events, and from “oh no!” events. Functioning in fight or flight mode, from our sympathetic nervous system, happens even when we’re feeling passionate, excited and determined.

Our blood pressure increases. Our senses are more acute. Our reaction times are faster. Energy and resources are directed to the body systems that keep us alert, on our creative and problem-solving edge.

Heart work from wounded healers is especially potent.

As people who have survived things that emotionally bruised, broke, bumped or banged our hearts; we have deep capacities for opening our hearts to others who are doing the same.

It’s like our lives were a boot camp for compassion. Our hearts are vast wells of courage, strength, empathy, fierceness, gentleness and nurturing from which we serve wisdom water.

Big, hard-working hearts need especially dedicated TLC.

You’ve heard people say that we won’t have the energy we need to take care of others if we don’t take care of ourselves. Well, we won’t have what we need to take care of ourselves if we are depleted because we haven’t taken care of ourselves. (Wow, that was circular. What an exhausting cycle that sets up!)

Consciously disengaging and nurturing ourselves is essential for our heart-centered work to stay heart-centered and successful.

The deeper and wider we open our hearts, the bigger and more tender the love they need to keep thriving and doing the heart work we love to do!

If you’d like some tips for how to nurture your oh-so-hard-working heart, check out my Kind Over Matter post from 9/15/16 – “8 WAYS TO NURTURE YOUR FIERCE HEART: SOULFUL SELF-CARE FOR CHANGE-MAKING WOMEN” here.

Tracie Nichols writes poetry and facilitates group writing experiences from under the wide reach of two old Sycamore trees in southeastern Pennsylvania. She is the co-founder of the Embodied Writers writing group and a Transformative Language Artist helping women write themselves home. You can find Tracie on her website.

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