Working Hard Doesn’t Mean Burning Out

Working hard doesn’t mean burning out. WHAT?

I’m going to say that again: Working hard doesn’t mean burning out.

We live in a world that glorifies “busy-ness.” We are taught that “the early bird gets the worm” and “rest is for the weak.”

Yet in study after study, all of this constantly being on the go makes us LESS productive. It leads to stress and stress makes us sick; and when we’re sick we’re not performing well.

Which leads me to ask, “How do you perform well?”

Maybe that’s not a question you’ve ever asked yourself, so sit with it for a minute. For me, I need at least 7 hours of sleep, I need a good amount of water during the day, I need to have a consistent schedule and breaks between appointments and I need to ensure that I have down time built in. These conditions help me do my best work. Whether it’s showing up fully with a client, speaking to a large group or writing in solitude, these are the components that help me perform well.

I’ve tried it the other way, too. I’ve done (and still accidentally fall into this sometimes) the massively over-scheduled, under-rested, eating on the go, never slowing down, constantly multitasking life. I did it for quite a while actually. I thought it was working, and truth be told, it did for a while…until it didn’t. Until I was so exhausted 3 snoozes wasn’t enough. I was only living for the next vacation, I was trying to get a quick boost of energy with a huge afternoon coffee and I definitely was looking at my email while I was supposed to be connecting with loved ones.

It stopped working. I wasn’t performing well. I wasn’t working well and nothing I do works unless I do.

I still work hard. I have big dreams and I’ve accomplished more since I learned the self-kindness principles that enable me to perform well than I ever did when I was burning myself out.

Think about that question “How do you perform well?” Make this question a conscious part of your week. Look for the baby steps you can take to support yourself so that you can work hard without burning out…because you deserve to enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to build.

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