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I’m Lara Heacock, and I teach successful professionals how to enjoy the lives they work so hard to create.

My clients are the ‘strong ones’, the one who holds everyone else up, and keep everything together – at home, at work, and in their communities.

They are at a crossroads in their life and career, who know something has to change, but don’t know the next steps and need support. They’re taking care of everyone else, and don’t want to shatter the illusion that they have it all together. They’re the one everyone turns to, but who never ask anyone else for help; who are juggling career, home and everything in between.

Has your professional success taken priority over self care?

Do you say “Yes!” to everyone but yourself?

I hear you. I spent decades trying to check all the right boxes, juggle everything and keep it all under control. Even though I was outwardly successful, I realized that I wasn’t enjoying my life. I kept hearing how great and together my life looked, but I wasn’t happy.

That realization inspired me to give an old dream a chance. When I received my degree in Psychology, I investigated Coaching, and the desire to be a Coach never left me. In what I now know to be one of the best decisions of my life, I took a chance on me, and became a Certified Coach. I am now committed to helping you learn what took me a decade, and a lot of pain, to learn:

Success and self-care DO co-exist!

It’s possible – I’m living proof.

You deserve to:

  • Feel good about life
  • Be able to handle life’s curve balls in a healthy way
  • Make choices that feel good to you
  • Make yourself a priority without feeling selfish
  • Build real, lasting self-confidence
  • Own your worth and set healthy boundaries
  • Be more engaged with everyone around you
  • Feel like yourself again and find BALANCE!

When you treat yourself with love and kindness, everything shifts. Imagine not holding yourself back; taking the class, making the speech, booking that trip.  Making decisions that feel right in your gut – decisions that fill you up – enables you to offer more to the world- more energy, more wisdom, more creativity, more of EVERYTHING because you’ve filled your own reserves.

Let’s talk. Click HERE to schedule a consultation and start to love the life you work so hard to build.

I work with people on topics like building Confidence, finding Balance, making Career Transitions, and Getting Unstuck…all with a foundation of self-kindness.
We’ll work together for 6 months. My experience has shown that real magic can happen in 6 months (scroll down for more on that from awesome past clients). You’ll learn the tools to make lasting shifts in your life – even when you hit the inevitable bumps in the road.
Personal coaching packages are always customized and include regular meetings (video or good ‘ole phone) and email/text support between sessions. I’m also pretty famous for sending some great treats to my clients. Packages start at $400/month and we’ll spend 6 months together so that your changes stick!

During the 2020 pandemic, ask me about coaching “lite” at $250/month. This is a compressed coaching option for folks who need quick support for a shorter period of time.

Questions? I’m always an email away.
Ready? Me, too…and the consultation is always free.

Within just a few months, you’ll:

  • Have more confidence and feel more comfortable in  your own skin
  • Be able to prioritize instead of procrastinate
  • Easily handle the monkey wrenches that life will continue to throw at you
  • Have the time to actually appreciate everything that you work so hard to achieve
  • Have proven practices to deal with stress and stay calm
  • Be able to comfortably set boundaries and kindly say “No”
  • Find a renewed sense of purpose and engagement in your life
  • Be more connected and present with your loved ones
  • Accomplish more, while doing less, and enjoy your life the way you deserve!

I’ve done this for myself, so I know that it’s possible.

You deserve what you give to everyone else. Acceptance and self-love really do lead to change.

Ready to be and feel your best so you can enjoy the life you work so hard to build? Let’s do this. Together.

…and if you want to bring kindness into your Leadership and Organization, I’ve got you covered there, too.


Lara always knows the right questions in order for you to find the answers you are seeking. After I've hit rock bottom, Lara helped me so much to bring things back in order and I was able to find balance again. Of course there will always be some bumps in the road but this is how we keep learning and growing. What I have learnt from Lara still helps me in my daily life to recognize old patterns or deal with things in a better way. I have learned to accept myself and my path in life in a whole new way and do what is best for me because ultimately, that is the person I will spend the rest of my life with.
- Kathrin, travel professional, FL
I am no longer afraid to take on a new challenge, either at work or in my personal life; I want to take “smart” risks with new adventures; I want to come home and leave work at work; I make time for ME. Coaching is more than someone just “telling you what to do to fix a problem”. It is a team. Working through the issues together to find a solution that works with who you are to get to what your goals are that you want to accomplish.
- Jillian, Project Manager, PA
The thought of saying no left me feeling guilty, like I let someone down. It wasn't until I started to work with Lara that I found a way say no and work through the emotions that this generated. I learned that it wasn't my responsibility to fix everything.  Now that I've had practice, I don't feel guilty for taking care of myself or saying no. I find myself operating from a much calmer, more deliberate, and more authentic center. It turns out, that's actually a much more effective place to help from.
- Cristie, Coach & Mental Health Epidemiologist, North Carolina
I worked out the pain coming from a difficult professional situation that was still there. I learnt to trust myself again. I learnt to assert myself and my desires more often and more naturally. I loved working with you! You have this special way to help me to listen to my heart and to acknowledge my emotions, my frustrations and desires. It’s full of kindness and compassion and this is the part I love the most. Your presence is so human, compassionate and authentic.
- Diana, Confidence Coach, Switzerland
THEN: I had no job satisfaction, no ambition and just no lust for life. I knew I had to make a change in my life for me to be really happy. NOW: I am in touch with my inner kid and my adult badass. I love my new job and I know I wouldn't have found it without you directing me through the search process. You understood my situation and helped me get to a place where I not only fit, but where I can grow.  So, so, so happy.
- Marina, Director of Training, PA

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