Words Dance : Issue 14 : Print + Digital Edition

(Cover Art by Jon Roueche)

Words Dance Issue 14
Fall 2013

Digital Edition : $5
Print Edition : $16

It’s the process. It’s the chase. Running down an inside revolution, footfalls on a sidewalk at night, chest heaving, heart at a full-tilt tick, the pull of the pin. The release.

The opening & closing of the shutter, five, ten, twenty times before you are at peace with the portrayal of the moment. It’s capturing it on the first click. The last brush stroke sliding across the canvas. Ruled lines waiting for the warmth of your fist resting between words.

It’s hitting your stride, stumbling, giving in, letting go, celebrating your victories & learning & loving yourself through your defeats.

It’s the seed, the roots & the bud. It’s the flowering of yourself.

It’s the flow of our spirits dancing together through the seconds as they tumble off our self-imagined clocks. It’s the meaning & the means to a meaningful life.

This is our creative courage unleashed, the moment the word YES sat on the edge of our lips, pondering, putting on her boots, standing up to spread her arms out wide only to LET GO.

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