Words Dance Book Boxes : A Printable Series!

Words Dance Book Boxes!

Today I’m sharing the first book in this printable & numbered series on Words Dance!

Confession: I’m kind of hooked on making these at the moment (read: I’m totally geeking out over them.) Designing books, no matter the medium in which I do this, always feels so true & good.

Each box will come with 6 cards with quotes from the book that fit inside the box.

Ideas for using:

• Collect ’em all & display ’em. Let them be the legendary conversation pieces they dream of being. They were made for this.

• Print them up & leave them around town. Leave one behind on a bus or train seat. On a library or bookstore shelf.

• Have a lit lovin’ friend / lover / relative? Introduce them to the series by printing the first few up as gifts. A book bundle. Creative? Make a box set!

• Use them as gift boxes. Think jewelry. Or handmade soap. Magnetic poetry? Lip balm. Chewing gum? (Airplane bottles of liquor won’t fit, my apologies.)

• Get meta with it. See here.

Hop on over here to download, peep the directions & learn more about the series!

I will be sharing #2 next week! If you don’t want to miss any of them, sign up here to get updates!

If you have any requests on what book(s) you’d like to see in this series at some point, I’m open to hearing them.

Burn after reading, xo,

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