Words Dance 13 : Summer 2013

Dear Beautiful You,

Today my heart is beating with the memories of 22 year old me printing, stapling & stuffing envelopes with issues of this magazine.

That was 10 years ago.

After a 5 year hiatus, I’m sending this wee love note out to you to share that Issue 13 of Words Dance is now out, full of fire & flying around the world.

Through cunning observation, storytelling, fierceness & a deep passion for wrangling words & arresting images, 24 poets, 5 photographers & 1 painter have unzipped their chests to share their fiery spirits with you, inviting your fire to mingle with their fire.

There’s a fire inside all of us & I say, let it burn.

I’d love for you to take a peek at this goodness, I’m so damn proud of it.

Thank you for sticking by me through my creative journey, you make it so much sweeter.

Deep Love, Gratitude & Respect,

P.S. A few photos for you to peep at:

Words Dance 13 : Summer 2013

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