Wine Talk Wednesday with Vanessa Soto

Technology was not our friend this month, but between the 2 of us and 1 technical friend of mine, we managed to make things work! Mercury’s not even in retrograde, but we’re making lemons into lemonade in this month’s Wine Talk Wednesday.

Vanessa Soto is a Life Coach and founder of the Side Passion Project. She’s also my friend, a single mom and an ad exec by day!

Learn about how Vanessa’s side passion made her love her day job again, how this busy single mama stays balanced and how she finally learned to let go of the things that drag us all down.

BONUS! Vanessa’s podcast “Doing it on the Side” launches after Labor Day in the US (early September). Check it out and hear stories from awesome folks who are living their side passion!

Spend 20 minutes with us (ignore our awkward frozen moment!) and learn how your side passion can reinvigorate all other areas of your life. Salud!

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