Wine Talk Wednesday with Jennifer Urezzio

I’m so pleased to welcome Jennifer Urezzio, founder of Soul Language, to Wine Talk Wednesday! Today’s interview is really special, because you get to see Jennifer in action. She’s walking me through finding one of my Soul Languages, and it gets pretty deep!

I tend to land on the pragmatic side of things, but definitely have an affinity for the more “woo woo” side of things. ┬áJennifer took me through her process to discover that one of my Soul Languages, my tone, is the Connoisseur. OK, that’s fine…my inner skeptic was on high alert…but when she started describing what that meant (the connoisseur is action and can see clearly to the heart of things – oh, and when I’m out of touch with my soul, I experience control issues), I was hooked.

Join us for 28 minutes of fun, laughs and just enough “woo woo” to make this pragmatist experience a big shift in a situation that had been nagging me all day.


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