Wine Talk Wednesday with Claire McCarthy

I wrote on Monday about the Kindness of the Internet, and how I’ve met so many wonderful people online. Claire McCarthy is no exception! I’m thrilled to wrap up 2016’s Wine Talk Wednesday series with my spunky, smart, kind friend Claire. As a divorce coach and relationship ace, Claire can help any ladies out there handle breakups like a pro. From self-care to navigating legal issues, Claire’s got you covered.

Join 2 cat ladies¬†as we talk about how¬†Claire realized that her story matters, and how her experience of divorce resulting from the loss of a child, gave her the passion to do this work…after a super tough start. If you’re in the middle of a divorce, breakup or dating after either of those, you need to know Claire!

Wine Talk Wednesday with Claire McCarthy from Lara Heacock on Vimeo.

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