Win 100 Moo MiniCards for your biz! 5 winners!

I love Moo Cards! I’ve been a Moo customer for a looong while, I even have this sweet handmade necklace to hold my MiniMoos!

Moo contacted me at the start of the year & asked if I wanted to host a giveaway here, I said, OHHECKYES I do, please & thank you!

Along with the giveaway, they gifted me with a generous discount code to snap up whatever my heart desired. I shared the gift with both Jo Anna & Daniel – it was so timely for all of us & we had so much fun designing them, win, win, win & win! Thank you Dan & the Moo Team!

I really love these MiniCards, like my printable kind cards, you can leave them in public places & it doesn’t have to feel spammy because you can design them any way you wish.

I left a few in a public restroom last week!

I had ball taking photos for this giveaway. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done so. I used to share DIY projects on KOM all the time but since we moved & Joel-Bee’s dear face arrived, the conditions aren’t really favorable, so it was sweet to get my camera out (you know, the one that isn’t my iPhone!) & shoot them. I wanted to show them off because our cards are all so different. I wanted to show you both the versatility & quality of these sweet cards. If you sell tangible products you can send them along with your orders. If you go to offline events, trunk shows, conferences, you can spread them around. I love the size of them so much. They are half the size of a regular business card & they sell keychain carrying cases for them – LOVE! They don’t just carry biz cards either, you can design your own greeting cards, stickers, labels, postcards, picture frames + so much more!


Here’s what we came up with:

5 winners!
Winners will be randomly chosen & contacted next Wednesday, March 14th via email!
How to Enter:
Comment below by copying, pasting & filling in the blanks!

Tell us about your business:

Your Biz URL:

Your email address:

Bonus Entries!

Get an extra entry for tweeting this or sharing it on Facebook! Your choice!

When you tweet or share on FB, leave an extra comment below saying so!

If you’d can’t wait & you want to order RIGHT NOW… click here to get 10% off (for first time Moo Customers Only!)

Good luck & love to all of you! Thanks again Moo!


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