Wild Sister #3 : Change : It’s Good for Your Soul!

Wild Sister #3 is here!

Hi all, just a quick post to let you know that Wild Sister #3 dropped today! It focuses on the theme of Change, how it affects our lives & what it can teach us as women.

I have a poem in called, boundless & provided a writing prompt for you! Jen & I also set up an email address where you can send in your stories, poetry or visual art that was awakened by the prompt & we will be selecting one of the submissions to be in the next issue, which is AWESOME because the guest spots for the magazine are filled up into next year! You’ll have to snag the issue to get the prompt but I can’t wait to read the stories & see the art that comes from it!

She also is offering a Special Introductory Bundle: The Wild Pack! Issues 1, 2 & 3 for only $8.00!! So if you haven’t picked up any of the issues yet, this is the time!

If you are new to KOM (hi love!) & aren’t familiar with Wild Sister, have a look! It’s created & written by artists, poets, travelers, coaches, muses & bloggers; each issue breathes love, truth, wisdom, inspiration & empowerment into the lives of women everywhere. It truly is an inspiring magazine!

Pssst, I have a sweet freebie coming up for you a little later! 🙂


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