Why Your Imagination is Vital

Post by Nikki Starcat Shields for the Kind Kindred series.

Why Your Imagination is Vital

What comes to mind when you think about imagination?

Most of us associate having a great imagination with kids. Think about your favorite 4-year-old. Chances are, imagination is an integral part of her world. Her pet dragon is as real as the family dog. She takes trips to faraway lands and returns with treasures that may look to you like feathers from the yard and rocks polished in the stream. Her identity is fluid as she explores who she wants to be each day.

Can you remember your early imaginary worlds? Before we learn to care what others think of us, as children we are grounded in an inner world full of color, magic, and unique insights.

Often we patronizingly admire kids for their imaginative powers. “Oh,” we croon, “isn’t that adorable?” But they have the right idea.

The infinite capacities of the imagination, or the right side of the brain, have been repressed severely in our society. Our creativity longs to spring forth, yet we resist, collectively and individually. We are oh-so-serious, wanting to be responsible and respectable. Sadly, it often keeps us stuck deep in a rut made up of old belief systems.

“The spiritual transformation we are undergoing demands that we stop ignoring our own internal wisdom. Dreams, myths, stories, and insight through the imagination need to come back into the mainstream of our personal and collective awareness. They are avenues of inspiration and action for the transformation to occur.” – Lauren Artress

You can’t successfully micro-manage your universe. Many of us try, but what happens? You’re exhausted and irritated, you wonder why you’re even here, you’re not having fun – and it still doesn’t work for very long.

Chaos always finds its way in somewhere, and we often react with fear mixed with a secret thrill. When plans go awry, isn’t it just a bit… refreshing? It creates a new opening in your consciousness. We may say we’re afraid of life’s mysteries, but deep down that’s at least partially a cover story, one that makes us appear “normal” and “rational.”

We all secretly long for a bit of the unknown to swoop in and sprinkle a little extra light on us.

Being creative and living the life of the imagination can make you seem a bit crazy, sure. But so what? Aren’t the quirky, outrageous folks in your life the ones who are the most fun to be with? Take a risk and share what’s inside you, the ideas that are uniquely yours. Allow your inner creator the freedom to imagine a new world for you.

Most of my friends and family refer to my partner BlackLion and I as “the faeries.” We’re not afraid to be whimsical and silly. We believe in the fae, and angels, and communicating psychically with our cats. We follow merrily as our imaginations guide us to a creative and joyful life.

I have the intention to live what I call The Life of the Imagination on a daily basis. I give great weight to the world of my dreams and its importance in my waking life. I talk to rocks and trees. I treat my phone like a cyber pet.

Oh sure, on some days I get caught up in lists and appointments and bills to pay. But the key to living authentically and expressing myself fully is my imagination.

When you allow your chaotic, creative imagination to flow, you’ll feel better. You’ll laugh more, stress less, and – though it may seem impossible to your logical left brain – you’ll still get things done. In fact, your life will proceed in amazing directions. You’ll move ever closer to the wholeness where your soul resides.

Learn to express your creativity, and not just in neatly-segmented blocks of time, or held closely in certain parts of your life. Daydream more, open your mind, and give yourself the gift of unstructured time. Play with your kids (or other people’s kids). Doodle, brainstorm, mind-map, dance, invent your own language.

Do your thing.

Let your imagination spill out all over the place, and see how you thrive.


Nikki Starcat Shields is a writer, Mom, blogger, Reiki healer, and licensed priestess. She offers her insights, antics, and reverent joy at Starcat’s Corner. Nikki is the author of “Starcat’s Corner: Essays on Pagan Living” and “Cultivating Self-Love: Your Path to Wholeness.” She shares her calling at her business, Feline Dreamers.


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