Why You Need to Celebrate More

When was the last time you celebrated an average Thursday? If you’re like most of us, probably never!

We tend to reserve celebrations for special occasions – birthdays, holidays and promotions all get a celebration; but we rarely celebrate life’s little moments.

Why is that?

I think there are a lot of reasons. We humans are wired with a negativity bias, meaning that we’re more likely to hold on to something negative than something positive. On top of that, we’re largely socialized to be on the go – always looking for what’s next – never resting on our laurels. Any of those resonate with you?

I often talk with female peers who are doing amazing things in the world about how little time we give to celebrating. (I’m sure my friend Sherry of Simply Celebrate would agree.) Even if you’re not launching a project or winning a deal, why not celebrate now?

Celebration feels good and I think we could all use a little more feeling good in our lives.

An old friend and former colleague said this to me on Friday: “What if you celebrate now? How amazing would it feel if you found 1 thing each day to celebrate? It’s kind of like a next level gratitude practice.” It really stuck with me!

For me, I’m going to celebrate my right now – my average Monday and my early morning meeting. I’ll be looking for more ways to celebrate something each day. What can you celebrate?

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