Who are you when you’re at your best?

Who are you when you’re at your best?

How can you do more of that?

These two simple questions (that are a nod to strengths-based leadership, appreciative inquiry and positive psychology) are powerful things to ask yourself and questions that I often have my clients answer.

We spend a lot of time thinking about the things we’d like to shift or improve. What if you spent some time thinking about yourself at your best? I often use the analogy of a recipe. If I was baking banana bread, I’d need bananas, flour, eggs, baking powder, baking soda and, in all likelihood, some chocolate chips! Those ingredients come together to form banana bread at its best. You might be able to substitute some things or skip the chocolate chips and it would be OK, but at its best, the recipe has all of those ingredients.

Use that analogy on yourself. What are the ingredients that help you be at your best? What does sleep look like? How do movement and nutrition show up? To whom do you need to feel connected? What circumstances support you being at your best? Those are all your ingredients. Once you have them, how can you do more of that?

Maybe being at your best feels like you being confident, well-spoken and authentic. How can you feel like that more? Look at your ingredients. Are they all present on a regular basis?

Taking this strengths-based approach helps to shape decisions from how you work to how you play, and many things in between. When you’re clear on the ingredients that help you be your best you can create the circumstances to support that.

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