Whispers in the Wind

There’s a peace
blessing the air
with moonlit whispers.
Even with surrounding chaos,
serenity becomes the norm.
This life brings
radiance in smiles,
understanding of
the imperfect and
filling the empty spaces.
The quiet understanding
between the this
and the that
and the radiance
of pure starlight
being ushered in
brings forth the blessings
that have always existed within.
The right questions
lead to pure harmony –
within and without –
in mind
and soul.

renee furlow
Renee Lynn Furlow is a seasoned writer and offers spiritually-based services as the “Unique-tivity Guide.” She owns “Catch A Falling Star” and has plans for content on a new blog coming soon.
Currently, she has two short eBooks available, with more planned, and a full length poetry book, "Beauty in the Breakdown," on Amazon and other retailers. She is currently writing her second collection and it will be released in 2024. You can follow Renee on Instagram or her website.

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