When You Rock Your Sensitivity, You Embrace Who You Are

“You go through spells where you feel that maybe you’re too sensitive for this world. I certainly felt that.” -Winona Ryder


It is moments of empathy towards another and epiphanies which show us we’re all connected. The days we realize this world is complex, gigantic, and we’re a tiny fragment of it. Sensitivity is complex raw emotion. It’s when you see a person crying and you feel drawn to be of service. A gift to teach us perspective and embark gratitude for every breath we take.I’ve always been a sensitive person. Sensitive to food, people, my environment, clothing, emotions and the list goes on. I’ve been told I am too sensitive, that I need to change. After hearing this statement a number of times, I numbed my emotions through alcohol, drugs and socially accepted addictions such as overworking and using sex as a way to feel loved.I was angry and bitter; I blamed, I attacked, then I’d cry because I felt alone. I often felt ashamed of crying and releasing my feelings. Once in a while my wounded self would come through in non-productive ways; most likely during an alcohol binge. I would project and blame – the usual technique of the ego. It wasn’t me, it was everyone else. The people in my past were unhealthy for different reasons, but I chose them.

Then something clicked. I had a colossal change and took ownership of my emotions. I felt compelled to rock my inner cry baby, to nurture her the way she always wanted. Crying is an action I fully embrace now, adrenaline flows through me in order to let go, find peace and gain perspective in life.

Within hiding our emotions lies deep denial of our every being, where we start to build resentment for ourselves and others. We react instead of building communion. We deny ourselves of empathy and understanding. We turn our backs on the very solution to our problems.

What most of us are seeking is a sacred space to express ourselves. We truly need each other for support and community. Turning our backs on ourselves and others causes a majority of issues.

I’ve been going through the waves of deep soul searching this year and realize this is my gift in life. I feel honored to have this inner knowing. This is feminine energy at its finest and I’m proud to embrace this marking. Working in the shadows to seek clarity is an achievement.

Once I came to accept who I am, I felt free. I finally accepted this piece of myself; I was able to express emotion without guilt. I wasted a lot of time trying to uphold a false sense of self to the world and it blew up in my face.

We’re all sensitive in some way; society shows us emotions are weak but that is not so. Others will stifle your sensitivity when they’re not prepared to see it within themselves. The weakness is fear; fear of being our true authentic selves.

Raw truth will always follow deeper awareness.

I journal most of my feelings, and believe in the power of writing and creative outlets. I will write everything down, even if it is a bunch of random words, strong emotional feelings or what I observe that day. Using writing as a daily ritual will help you sort through complex emotions. A lot of times my feelings will stump me. When you feel confusion it’s best to fully listen to your body. One way to do that is through writing and another is meditation. I also hula hoop, or do physical activities to keep myself in the present.

People spend their entire lives denying their shadows out of shame and guilt. Becoming aware of them is the first step to clarity, and it’s usually not as scary as one thought. Deeper treads of the psyche are where sensitivity comes from and that’s where the beauty unfolds.
Are you a more sensitive person who is struggling to find your place in the world? It can be tough for our kind. Even though it feels like you should shut everyone out, we need others to thrive in this world. The key is finding like-minded, empathetic people who understand you. Please comment below if you feel drawn to and let me know your thoughts.

Jody Kristina is a Life Coach who is passionate about healing the world. She believes complete health involves the mind, body and soul. You can learn more about Jody at her website www.jodykristina.com

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