When You Don’t Wanna Do the Things

Winter and I have a tricky relationship. I love a cold, sunny day. Sweaters with sunglasses make me happy. When there’s a long stretch of gray though, I get a major case of “don’t wanna.” December felt like it was entirely gray. Throw a few big life situations into the mix and my usual winter case of “don’t wanna” was kicked into high gear.

So, in many ways, I didn’t. For the first time in over 6 years (six years – wow!), I didn’t write a new Monday Motivator. Twice. I didn’t go to some of my usual networking meetings and there was a lot of time spent snuggled on a sofa with a blanket and a cat.

I did show up 100% for my clients and in those life situations I alluded to above. I did stay connected, take extra vitamins and even went to the urgent care when my cold felt like it was more severe (sinus infection for the win!).

Here’s what I learned:
– There are plenty of things that I feel like I have to do,  but that I can make optional when it’s needed.
– I’m still finding plenty of opportunities to practice self-kindness by being gentle with myself and my expectations.
– It is important to me to show up for the people who matter – no matter what.
– It still feels a little tricky and delicate to jump back into all-the-things.
– Making sure I do some things is critical.
– Oh, and the lesson I learned the first year I worked from home was reiterated – no more than 2 days without leaving the house!

Maybe you already know how to navigate your “don’t wanna” times; but maybe you’re a little like me and there are still opportunities to be more gentle with yourself and your expectations. Whichever is true, what’s also true is that everything is temporary and sometimes we all need a good reboot. I prefer mine on a warm sunny beach, but hey, some sunny cold days seem to be bringing things back into perspective.

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