When was the last time you had a generous thought about yourself?


Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • While you’re getting ready, you probably notice at least 10 things that you don’t love about yourself.
  • You’re on your way to work, and aren’t exactly thinking the most generous thoughts about the other drivers.
  • At work, you review that presentation and think it looks pretty good, but quickly remind yourself that you have to put the finishing touches on it.
  • Later at home, you accidentally overcook dinner, and definitely give yourself a hard time.
  • You go to bed feeling exhausted and depleted.

Sound like a typical day?  I hear you.  Our brains aren’t wired to make us feel good.  They’re wired to protect us and keep us safe (even after millions of years of evolution, that’s still how we roll).  Generous thoughts have to be intentional.  They don’t pop into our heads that regularly, and because they’re unfamiliar, when they do come up, we tend to dismiss them pretty quickly.

So what’s an evolutionally challenged, emotionally intelligent human to do?

Set an intention.  Decide to create some generous thoughts about yourself each day.  When one organically pops up, pause for a moment.  Resist the natural pull to dismiss it.  Let yourself sit with that thought for a while.  Never suppress it.

As you start creating these thoughts for yourself, you’ll also find yourself more able to have them about others.  You’ll be less likely to flip someone off in traffic and won’t berate yourself when dinner gets burnt.  As the intention becomes a habit, you won’t feel as depleted at the end of the day, and may even notice yourself smiling a little more.

Sound like a better way of living?

Join me in June for the free Kick Ass Self Kindness challenge, and get 30 days of support to finally start loving the life you work so hard to create.  

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