When was the last time you did something kind for yourself?

This week, heck, this month, has been very full. Side note, I try not to talk about my schedule using the word busy because there’s actually research showing that the word alone increases stress! Anyway, back to the past few weeks. My schedule has definitely been full, and it’s been largely full of awesome things – amazing clients, great audiences for talks, activities with the hubs and friends…but full nonetheless. As a proud INFJ (the I is for introvert!) I know that I need space and down time to be at my best.

What’s the first thing that falls off your list when your schedule gets full? It’s usually fun or really anything you’d do for yourself. I’ll share that I’m really proud that my small, daily practices haven’t been pushed off the list in the past few weeks; yet there was definitely room for more fun and carefree time – and on Thursday I had the chance to remedy that!

A few weeks ago a local friend and colleague and I set up an afternoon cupcake date. That date happened to fall on Thursday (Yes, it’s totally OK and even encouraged to schedule fun if that’s what works for you!), so despite a pile of client notes from the week that needed to be sent, this post that needed to be written and final prep for an event on Monday that needed to be done, I kept the cupcake date. My friend and I got lucky enough to find the small space between rain showers that day and walked to a local bakery to grab some treats.

What followed was an afternoon of chatting and relaxing that was so restorative it inspired this post. Ironically, as I write this, I can recall having conversations with a client about the creative benefits of down time that I just experienced for myself.

My invitation to you is this: When your schedule is at your most full, whether it’s full with tons of things you love or some really hard stuff, find the time – no, make the time – to do something really kind for yourself. A few hours on a random Thursday afternoon were just the break that I didn’t know I needed.

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