When the Sea Runs Through My Veins

On this humming peaceful day,
the whoosh of traffic,
when I close my eyes,
becomes the sea.
I hear the sound of waves
lapping over rocks,
feel the silky gritty sand
between my toes,
taste the sting of salt
on my thirsting lips,
and know
I am safe.

caitlin gemmell
Caitlin Gemmell is a poet who dreams of becoming a fairy godmother. She lives in a woodland in upstate New York where she communes with wildlife and tends her Emily Bronte roses. Caitlin's poetry has been published by Querencia Press, Capsule Stories, Rue Scribe and is forthcoming in Bella Grace magazine. She writes Musings of a Selkie Witch on Substack and is on Instagram @caitlin.gemmell and @icapturethestory.

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