When Hope Falters

There are events happening in the world, and in the US, that are actively breaking my heart – and I think our hearts need to be broken to really pay attention sometimes.

When innocent people of color are killed while jogging, tens of millions in the US are losing their jobs and almost 100,000 have died across the world, hope is going to falter; hearts are going to break.

Those of us who are using our voices and our dollars to try and help get tired, and our hearts continue to break. We continue to feel more. We need a break, we need support, we need rest and then we need to keep going.

To those of you whose hope is faltering, please consider this your permission slip to rest. You are so needed and we can’t do the work that needs to be done if we’re exhausted.

Rest so you can make the calls.
Rest so you can sign the petitions.
Rest so you can keep doing the work of relearning.
Rest so you can use your breaking heart to pay attention and make change.
Rest so you can support yourself.
Rest because you don’t need to “earn” rest – you already deserve it, and you always did.
Rest so you can help those who must remain home.
Rest so you can get back up and do it all again when you’re ready.

Rest so you can regain your hope.

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