What’s important?

Why do you need to learn about yourself? Why is it important to be kind to yourself? Is any of this even important when there are so many bigger things in the world?

YES. In fact, it’s more important. Here’s why.

Why do I need to learn about myself?
Knowledge is power and when we know better we can do better (hat tip: Maya Angelou.) The more you know about yourself, the more power you have over how you respond, how you show up and the actions you take. Think about it like this: If you didn’t ever learn about yourself and continuously yelled at your boss when you’re stressed, that probably wouldn’t end well! If, on the other hand, you learn about yourself and your stress responses, you can manage them differently, avoid yelling at your boss and probably keep your job!

Why is it important to be kind to myself?
How well do you respond when you’re mean to yourself? Do you notice you sleep well when you’re super pissed off at yourself? Do you like how you show up when you’re internally scolding yourself? I think you know the answers to these questions and they’re probably not serving you. When you’re kind to yourself, your capacity is increased. All of that energy you’re using to scold and be mean to yourself can be redirected to the things that matter…like loved ones, work, activism, joy, etc.

Is any of this even important when there are so many bigger things in the world?
Again, YES. If you spend your days being mean to yourself and never learn about yourself, how much energy do you have to focus on the bigger things that matter? I’ll argue that learning about ourselves and being kind to ourselves are critical right now. When bigger things are happening, we need more energy, not less. If you want to support others in the streets, write letters, read about anti-racism, dissect your own conditioning, find new teachers, make phone calls to elected officials…you’ve got to have the energy and capacity to do those things. That energy and capacity come from a strong foundation of self-kindness and a solid understanding of who you are and how you show up.

Keep going. Keep learning about yourself. Keep treating yourself with kindness. Every time you do these things, you increase your capacity, improve your energy and can continue working on the things that matter.

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