What’s good?

What’s good right now?

Is that a question you ever stop and ask yourself? We talk often about the important opportunities we have to shift and improve things, and it’s equally important to reflect on what’s good.

Since this is an area where I definitely need to take my own advice, I’ll get us started.

Things that are good:
~my new home office space
~my health
~the health of those I love
~knowing that I am loved
~having heat on a frigid day

That list is made up of bigger things, and there are lots of small things that are good as well. I have the most comfy bed ever that I still love many years later, I’ve got some fun coffee meetings set up with new people in the coming weeks, and I finally moved all of the icons off of my iPhone home screen and am now greeted by a lovely picture when I unlock my phone (hat tip to my friend Vicky!)

Big or small, this practice is so important to integrate into life. Maybe it’s a weekly check-in or a journal prompt. It’s so tempting to get caught up in the challenges of life, the things happening in the world, or the disagreements with those around us, that it’s hard to remember the good – and the good is always there. Simply being able to sit at a computer and write this post or read what others write, makes us pretty darn lucky.

What’s good for you right now? Is this question part of your self-kindness practice? Maybe you’re having a hard time answering the question – we’ve all been there, and that’s OK.If you’re there right now, know that you reading this is now on my “what’s good” list. Maybe that’s your one thing today, maybe tomorrow you can come up with something else. Even when things are bad, there’s usually a teeny bit of good in your world. If you can find it, you can use that to remind yourself that things won’t always feel this hard.

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