What’s behind the busy-ness?

Last week I had a few really light schedule days thanks to a little bit of timing and a few rescheduled things. For the most part it was lovely. The Philadelphia area got about a foot of snow early in the week and I had nowhere to be. I got to read (something I’m trying to do more of), cook meals (not just reheat) and sleep a little later than usual.

Notice I said “for the most part.”

I also noticed times when I felt a little lost. I wasn’t sure what to do, felt like there was something I “should” be doing and had trouble letting myself relax. I caught myself a few times looking for something to do.

Thankfully I’ve been at this game for a while and recognized what was happening.

There’s a very old story that, for me (and I’d argue society as well!), associates productivity and getting things done with value/worth. What value or worth would I have if the bulk of my day was really spacious?

The answer to that question is PLENTY. I have plenty of worth and value – and so do you. Period. Full stop. I almost continued that sentence by saying “even when I rest” but thought better of it. That qualifier implies that worth & value are impacted by circumstances and I simply refuse to subscribe to that belief anymore.

How do you feel when you have down time? Do you have to do #allthethings to feel OK? Start to get curious about what might be behind your busy-ness.

If you, too, have been at this game for a while and still notice that old story showing up, it’s totally OK. You’re not alone. This is normal and we’re doing great.

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