What you love is in you

What do you recognize when you look at someone you love?  Maybe you notice their warmth or gentleness or compassion.  Maybe it’s their strength or their courage.

All of these things are in you, too.  We cannot recognize that with which we are not familiar.  Think about when you hear someone speaking a language you’ve never heard before.  You cannot possibly identify it; you’ve never heard it before.

It’s so easy to see the best parts of those we love, yet we often can’t see our own.

Next time you’re struggling to see the good in yourself, or having one of those days when you feel so much less than awesome, try this 3-step trick:

  1. Think about someone you love in a big way.  Maybe it’s your best friend, partner or family member.
  2. What 1-2 things do you love most about them?  Do they have a big heart?  Are they open-minded?
  3. Think about 1 way in which you are the same.  How is your heart big?  Where are you open-minded?

Smile.  You just connected with loving yourself.  

What you love is in you.  You cannot recognize that which you do not possess.  Sometimes you just have to look harder to find it in yourself.


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