What Would Your Highest Self Do?

Over the past few years I’ve gained a ton of heart muscle. In many ways, it was a deliberate choice. In other ways, life just knocked me down and then waited to see what tools I would use to get back up. I was called to make bold and true choices. I cut ties that no longer needed to bind. I cleaned up my mind with a devoted meditation practice. I stepped way out of my comfort zone over and over again so I could get comfortable with being really uncomfortable (Ahhhhh, it gets easier the more you do it!). I made room for new and beautiful growth to enter my life by pulling old thoughts, beliefs and stories out by their roots. These were not the kind of years I could earn through a degree or learn about in a book. They had to be lived through.

Fun? No. Awesome? Yes. Breathtakingly awesome and so worth it.

Here, on the other side of all that muddiness and clearing away, I feel really proud of and excited about all that remains. The one question I kept asking myself in the most awkward moments of growth was: “What would my highest self do?”

This question may cause your spine to straighten and your chin to lift because your highest self is noble and brave and your body knows this. This question also mercifully clears away the crap real fast which is what you need when you are changing your life.

Your highest self knows when to push and when to take a nap. Your highest self knows when to apologize and when to stand your ground. Your highest self is aware of when something must begin and when something absolutely must end.

What would my highest self do?

You can ask yourself this question when faced with a major decision or involved in a silly argument. You can ask yourself this question when preparing your lunch or planning your day. You can ask yourself this question when struggling to forgive or learning to let go. It is a powerful resource and your life deserves its potency.

What would your highest self do? This year? Today? This very moment?

I invite you to let this question be a lighthouse in this gorgeous and complicated life you are living. May it bring you the strength, clarity and peace it has brought me. We’re all in this together!

Jeannette Encinias is a writer who helps entrepreneurs write about what they do and who its for in a way that deeply resonates with their audience. A copywriter by day and a poet by night, she believes that words have the capacity to open minds, heal hearts and change lives. When she’s not writing you can find her arranging flowers, eating an avocado, reading Mary Oliver, listening to Leonard Cohen or trudging up a hill in the sunlight. 

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