What would you do if you didn’t care what people think?

Most of us spend a lot of our time thinking about what other people think.  We wonder if we should wear that outfit, choose that hairstyle or go to that party.  What will ‘they‘ think?  The famous ‘they‘ that no one can define or pinpoint, but that we all worry about.

Truth?  They aren’t thinking about you.  

Truth, truth?  We all go through life thinking mostly about ourselves, and every opinion is formed from that perspective.

There’s a freedom in this truth.  The freedom to release the worry about what ‘they’ will think…because it’s not about you.  It never was, but we’re so busy thinking about ourselves most of the time, our brain convinces us that ‘they‘ must be, too.  The exact opposite is true, and that is some pretty serious freedom.

If you give yourself the freedom to believe this truth, that you have no control over what someone thinks about you, what changes?  Even if you pick the perfect outfit, best hairstyle or most popular party, what someone thinks about that choice has nothing to do with you.

No matter how much you stress about it, you can’t change their thoughts, because they’re not about you.  The only thing that stress accomplishes is keeping you small.  That stress creates a lifetime of trying to fit into a box that you don’t understand, and will never fit into.

Instead, give yourself the freedom to find your own box.  Want to try a dramatic new hairstyle?  Go for it.  Want to start an Etsy shop?  Do it!  Want to sing, dance or paint?  Put on some music and grab your brushes.  Some people may have an opinion, but they would have anyway, so let yourself be happy, and remember that their opinion has nothing to do with you.


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