What really matters

There are periods of life when it feels like the curve balls just keep coming. Whether it’s illness or injury or other life challenges, sometimes things just come at you rapid fire.

The first response is generally something along the lines of, “HOLY CRAP WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING?!” You feel your stress starting to rise and freak-outs may ensue.

Then something magical starts to happen. You start to realize what really matters.

Whether it’s you or people you love who are going through it, those times when everything keeps coming at you can help show you the things that really matter.

Things of lesser importance get cancelled. Other things get rescheduled. Sometimes massive amounts of emails get deleted and entire projects are cancelled or put on hold. The details are different for everyone, but the core truth remains the same. When time/capacity/energy are limited, you see what’s important. You adjust things to prioritize in the places that are necessary, and if you’re really lucky, you also have people who remind you to take care of yourself…because those limited capacity times are also the times when you’re most likely to forgo the practices that keep you going.

When things calm down, because they always do, it’s so easy to fall back into the habit of trying to prioritize all-the-things. Maybe the gift of these tough, limited capacity times is clarity. Maybe some of the things that you easily cancelled don’t need to come back into your life. Maybe you learned that you are allowed to be human and reschedule sometimes. Maybe you can even carry some of that learning into regular times – using your energy as the precious gift that it is, on what really matters.

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