What Patterns Are You Repeating?

What patterns are you repeating? The answer is probably MANY! The truth is, we are all repeating patterns all the time. We are creatures of habit, and at the simplest level, our brains are wired for safety and they equate sameness with safety.

What relationship dynamics did you observe as a kid?
What leadership styles have you seen in your leaders?
What money habits did you watch in your family?

Are any of the answers to those questions showing up in your daily life? Positive or negative – what you learned and observed isn’t good or bad, it’s simply what it is!

The power is in the noticing.

As you go through life, what ways of being feel authentically yours? Are there any things that you notice that feel a little less aligned? Maybe those are repeated patterns. Just notice.

When you notice, you have the opportunity to move more toward the things that feel authentically you. Maybe you never noticed that you have an open door policy because you benefited from a past leader always being able to talk. Maybe you never realized that you wrap presents with copious amounts of tape like your mother did. (OK, I don’t actually do this…but if I did, it would DEFINITELY be a pattern I learned from my mom!)

Get curious. As most of us are thinking about the start of a new year (and decade), it’s a great time to think about your patterns. What’s serving you? What could use a tweak? How can you continue the patterns that feel really good and aligned, and update the patterns that aren’t feeling like a good fit?

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