What the journey within really looks like

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

It’s an interesting thing, the journey within. 

This week, I chose some retail therapy to take the edge off a stressful period of time. On the surface, that seems like the exact opposite of the journey within, but allow me to explain…

First, I use the word ‘chose’ very deliberately. I was fully aware of my actions. I knew that I was feeling stressed and I chose to buy something to make myself feel better.

Second, I shared this knowledge (and the way I was feeling) with a couple of people close to me.

Third, I have no judgement against myself for buying a $25 shirt (which, BTW, I wore to dinner Friday night with the hubbs and felt great in!).

This is what the journey within REALLY looks like. It’s not about walking around with some glowing light coming out of me, it’s real, everyday, examined life. Life with much less judgement. Life with power and courage and accountability to myself. Life where I’m aware of my feelings and choose to feel them.

There’s that word choice again…

Choice is a big part of what made this week different. I wasn’t blindly shopping, trying to fill some unknown hole. I was aware and I made a choice. That’s the real journey within.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.


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