What If You Believed the Good Things?

What was the last complimentary thing someone said to you? Did you get an accolade at work? Did a friend or family member compliment your cooking? Did you kick some butt at the gym? Think about the most recent compliment you can recall.

Got it in mind?


Now, think about how you reacted. Did you respond with a “Thank you, but…”? Did you dispute the compliment? Did it make you feel completely uncomfortable?

Compliments are tricky. You think you want them, but then when you get them it can feel super awkward. That little voice of self doubt creeps in and tells you that they must be wrong; that the compliment can’t be true. Sometimes that little voice comes out of your mouth and you dispute the compliment.

What if you believed the person instead? 

It doesn’t make you selfish or less humble to believe a compliment and acknowledge it with a simple “Thank You”…in fact, it might even make you feel more confident!

What if, right now you decided that you were going to choose to believe the next compliment you received? Give it a try. I’ll get you started: You are a kind, wonderful, caring person, and I appreciate you being on the planet. Now it’s your turn – choose to believe my compliment. See how it feels. When the little doubting voice gets loud, reassure it that it’s OK to believe this, and remind yourself that I really mean it.

Try this experiment this week and notice how your confidence (and mood!) improve.

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