What have you outgrown?

2020 has been a year of growth…often unwanted growth, but growth nonetheless!

As we enter the time of year when many of us reflect and plan, there’s an analogy I often use to help with reflection: What doesn’t fit any more or what have you outgrown? Think about cleaning out a closet – you want to donate any clothes that you’ve outgrown. Maybe a sweater that fit really well a couple of years ago, feels really uncomfortable now. If you try to wear it, you’re pulling at it or constantly yanking the sleeves down. You’ve outgrown it. It’s a great sweater and it served a purpose, and now it no longer fits.

What have you outgrown this year?

Think about where you were in December 2019 versus now. There are likely a lot of things that are very different and many of them have been hard to navigate this year. I’ll bet there are also some positive things that have happened this year.

Maybe you’ve outgrown over-scheduling.
Maybe you’ve outgrown seeking everyone’s opinion before making a decision.
Maybe you’ve outgrown saying yes to everything.
Maybe you’ve outgrown micro-managing your employees.
Maybe you’ve outgrown feeling like you need to have the last word.
Maybe you’ve outgrown the habit of speaking to yourself unkindly.
Maybe you’ve outgrown keeping score in relationships.

Whatever you’ve outgrown (or are currently outgrowing!), give yourself credit. Because of all the hard stuff that’s happened this year, you deserve credit for what you’ve accomplished. Setting time aside for reflection can help you see all of the growth & progress that is so easy to miss on a daily basis.

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