What fills you up?

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Most of us give so much of ourselves every day. We give to our employers, our partners, our children, family and friends. Give, give, give. Especially this time of year, do you ever feel like the well is getting close to running dry? What fills you up? What can you give to you? This can be as simple as a cup of hot cocoa alone for 5 minutes, or as complex as redecorating a room in your home (I’m a big fan of both of these!).

A few years ago, my parents started redecorating their 1970s ranch home, and I got to be play interior designer! I absolutely love decorating. It fills me up, but it’s not exactly a cheap hobby, so I jumped at the chance to help them spend their money! To date, we’ve done 3 rooms together. What started as a simple night of having dinner together, ended up with measuring tapes and new family room furniture ordered online! (The internet is a huge blessing for folks who have mobility challenges.)

That spurred a kitchen redo, and finally a living room redecoration, with the living room being my absolute favorite of our projects. We completely reoriented the room, created a cozy seating area and an entry way. I’m really proud of the result! We brainstormed together, shopped together and everyone is so happy with the finished room.

To many people, these activities that fill me up would be draining. I get it. Decorating isn’t a passion for everyone, but it is for me. I love it, it energizes me and in the uncertainty that is life, there’s something to be said for a project that has a start, middle and finish. Seeing the fruits of my labors every time I visit the parentals, is really gratifying. Turns out that these projects not only filled me up at the time, but the results continue to fill me up.

What fills you up?  I’d love to know.

?, Lara

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