What do your actions say about you?

You’ve certainly heard the old adage “actions speak louder than words.” It’s a really handy one to reference when you’re making decisions about other people.

What do your actions say about you?

When I’m feeling my best you’ll see me smiling at strangers, exchanging random kind words and going out of my way to do little things like picking up something that fell off a hanger in a store.

When I’m not feeling so great the smile disappears, my words become grouchy or non-existent and my actions are only serving myself.

It’s pretty clear that our actions can tell us a lot about ourselves.

Next time you’re in a good mood pay attention to the little things you do. How is your posture? How do you interact with strangers? What do you say to people?

These actions are ways that you can access that part of you when you’re not feeling so great. Make some notes or write a journal entry about the things you do when you feel good. Grab the notes when you’re not feeling great and try doing some of those things. It’s a simple way to reconnect with your own, personal form of joy.


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