What do you want to leave behind?

As another year (a year like no other!) winds down, most of us start to reflect. A reflection that I’ve recently adopted is “What do you want to leave behind?”

When you think about 2020, all of its challenges, joys and sorrows, what things, habits, patterns or behaviors do you want to leave behind?

  • For me, it starts with over-scheduling. This has crept up a couple of times this year and I’m at my best when my schedule has space. I’m going to leave over-scheduling behind.
  • I’m also leaving political complacency behind. My privilege allowed me to not see things for a number of years. That’s been shifting for some time but 2020 solidified that.
  • I’m leaving behind an old pattern of not advocating for myself until I’m frustrated.
  • I’m leaving behind score-keeping in relationships.

As you reflect on your own year, think about things you want to leave behind. Next week we’ll have a different, more expansive prompt to usher in the new year.

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